iPad Cases

iPad Cases

We at PapayaOne have been rather excited about the iPad. Apple’s latest device. Although it has a name that we certainly would not have chosen, it does have a lot of potential. With Wi-Fi models shipping in about a month, and great cases being announced left and right, we have decided to roundup our 10 favorite iPad cases.

1. Deluxe Crocodile Leather case for ipad
[SKU: 060532]

2. Pink iPad Soft Skin Silicone Case
[SKU: 060536]

3. Red iPad Leather Case Sleeve
[SKU: 060529]

4. Black iPad Leather Cases Jumper
[SKU: 060527]

5. iPad Silicone Case Soft Skin Cover
[SKU: 060537]

6. Plastic Case flexible skin Cover for iPad
[SKU: 060538]

7. iPad Crystal Case Cover
[SKU: 060539]

8. Pink iPad Case
[SKU: 060535]

9. Deluxe Cowskin Leather Case for ipad
[SKU: 060533]

10. Colorful Neoprene iPad Case
[SKU: 060534]



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1. PapayaOne Vouge Case SKU: 060280 
If you already think your iPhone is too big, and want to keep it slim, the PapayaOne Vouge may be the case for you. The leather case protects your phone’s screen with a layer of ABS thermoplastic. With the flip-case opened, you have access to all of the iPhone’s features, including the headphone jack, SIM card and vibrate slider. The speakers and camera lens are also exposed. The  starts at only US.79 and is available in a range of styles and colors. 
2. Coach iPhone Cases SKU: 051558
3. LV iPhone Cases SKU: 050113
4. Coach pattern Case
5. Chanel Front and BAck pink case cover
6. Juicy Couture Luxury Hard Cover Case for iPhone 3G 3GS SKU: 051643
7. Chanel Designer Hard Back Case for iphone 3G 3GS SKU: 071018  

8. Cute Angle Hello Kitty iPhone 3G 3GS Hard Cover Case SKU: 051644
9. Rhinestone Cat Design Bling Cover Case for iPhone 3G/3GS SKU: 050892
10. Cute Hello Kitty Silicone Soft Case for iPhone 3G 3GS SKU: 071021  

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