My Controversial Opinion on Selling Internet Marketing Ebooks

My Controversial Opinion on Selling Internet Marketing Ebooks

You’ve heard it before: making an Internet marketing ebook isn’t tough. You just have to stop sitting around and take action. In general, when it comes to writing Internet marketing ebooks, “taking action” generally refers to generating a messy, low-quality ebook in the shortest period of time possible. Additionally, in many cases, it means using outright or subtle plagiarism to speed up the process.

Once you’ve slopped together your sub-standard Internet marketing ebook, you can get started on a salespage. Remember, the objective of a salespage is to lie as much as is possible without writing something that could potentially get you thrown in jail. And once you’ve completed that salespage, you can start to spam forums and blogs with links to your ebook.

If you’re thinking “hey, this sounds ironic, but it’s actually what IM ebooks have told me to do in a more subtle way,” you just hit the nail on the head. Most Internet marketers follow a low-quality blueprint for stamping out bad ebooks and spamming them wherever it is permitted. You cannot read Internet marketing ebooks or IM forums without stumbling over tricks of this variety. But don’t cave in.

These tricks actually don’t work. People who create these low-quality products and spam them all over the Internet generally do not make money. So don’t do it. Instead, try to think longer term. Try to create quality products, so that people will actually refer them word-of-mouth to friends; and so that they will actually want to purchase your products in the future. Additionally, it will be far easier to sell people products if they actually can benefit from them.

Now, with that said, you have to figure out what your Internet marketing ebook should contain. You could – as most people suggest – search forums for “hot topics” (topics with a “flame” icon next to them); and then work through their contents; however, I suggest that you do something different. Instead, try to think of something that you have trouble with – and that you know other people have trouble with, too.

Perhaps you struggle with finding freelance coders at a reasonable price who are also reliable. If this is the case, then the stage is already set for your ebook. All you have to do is conduct some research, figure out the many ways in which you can find a good coder; and then record your process as you hire them for various projects that you had to do, anyway. Take notes and screenshots as you go; and then make an ebook out of all of your records. When you’re finished, download a copy of Open Office, copy and paste your document into the word processing program, format it; and then convert into PDF format by clicking the “PDF” icon.

After you finish writing and formatting your ebook, you will want to create a salespage; and then select the proper venues in which you can advertise. If, for instance, you want to promote your ebook via an affiliate network, then you should open up an account at Clickbank to simplify the process. Clickbank will charge you initially, but they will handle all of your link-creation and payment issues, which will save you a lot of time.

If you decide not do use affiliates, you’d be better off simply using PayPal for the payment links on your salespage. If you do this, you can receive and transfer payments instantaneously. Once you have setup your salespage with a payment button, all you have to do is start looking for some small, highly-targeted venues. Since you’re selling an IM product, you may want to consider Warrior Forum. But regardless of what you end up doing, always try to keep the big picture in mind: try to use long term strategies; try to sell things that are in demand; and, above all else, try to look for people who actually want to buy from you.

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