Review of Apple iPad Case

Review of Apple iPad Case

It was impressive the expectation that Apple has lifted the world with its new iPad. Furthermore, I believe that neither the iPhone was so often the day of submission. Something perfect, helpful and necessary. It’s like its creators describe the iPad.  Anyway, the newly released Apple iPad case beyond doubt has scored a winning point in the interests of Apple, the ever-victorious general in the high-end electronics world. This is going to be a quick review because we don’t review cases that often — there are simply too many! However, Apple seems quite proud of their iPad case, so I wanted to touch upon my early impressions. No torture test this time as we’ll give this guy away, but below are some notable aspects of the sleeve.

The material of that Apple iPad case is soft and rubbery, not unlike neoprene but denser and quite durable. Nail scratches didn’t seem to faze it, but anything white or gray will appear quite brilliantly because the surface is black. The seams appear to be held together by some heat-sealing or glue, but in time they could conceivably come apart. There’s some flexible plastic around the part of the sleeve that holds the edges of the iPad, however, and I mashed on the seams a bit and the rubber/plastic just stretched, so the seam appears quite sturdy. That extra plastic ensures a snug fit around the bezel and keeps the iPad from shifting. There’s a stiffer piece of plastic for the cover (which folds back to become a base) which I was able to bend over 45 degrees without worry. It is sturdy and flexible, perhaps magical too?

Finally there’s a little flap that holds the iPad in, just inside the part that will be folding over and back repeatedly. This is the one failing point of the Apple iPad case, in my opinion. There’s no real remedy other than some mechanical hinge, but the hinged portion of this case will just keep flexing until the materials wear out. That will likely be 4 iPad revisions from now, but there it is. While it could be easier to remove the iPad from the Apple iPad case, it would make it flimsier too, I think.

The only downsides to this Apple iPad case, aside from the hefty price tag are the unavoidables: it isn’t waterproof (Apple doesn’t really do waterproof cases) and many apps (iPhone and iPad) are lessened by the angle of repose this case provides. I see an uptick in Otterbox case sales for iPad, if you happen to be an avid reader at the beach. Either way, you will want a case for you iPad. If you can spare the nearly 40 bucks, get this fabulous Apple iPad case. It’ll last at least until they move a switch 30cm and make it obsolete.


Admittedly, no matter the Apple iPad case, like Silicone iPad case or other iPad accessories have gained immense popularity and has a high standing in the rat race of the electronics market.  But the point to note is that competition in the hyper-competitive electronics world is in full swing, so hereby good luck to the Apple iPad case!


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