The upgrade of iPhone4 is not only the technical as well as business models

The upgrade of iPhone4 is not only the technical as well as business models

From the iPhone to iPhone3G, then to iPhone3GS, Apple brings to the consumer only small-scale upgrade of the configuration, the subtle changes of appearance. However, Apple recently launched the iPhone4 that is not the case. The industry classifies its highlight as eight, including the A4 processor, 940 × 640 pixels IPS / FFS LCD screen, 300 hours standby time, 3-axis gyroscope, iO S4, 500 million pixel support 720P video shooting, and two iBooks and iAd the application of innovation. That can be seen is upgrades of these configurations and functional, can not seen is the “murderous intention” behind iPhone4. Such as iBooks and iAd, their main is the e reading and cell advertising. Another example is the 3-axis gyroscope, which means the overall gaming experience to upgrade. From subversive to the industry leader, Apple’s “attack range” becomes greater.

Hardware upgrades endanger Sony, Nintendo

If you choose the iPhone to a large extent the reason for entertainment, then the latest generation of Apple products wants to tell you, it has much advantage compared to Sony PSP and Nintendo handheld.

Fourth-generation Apple iPhone is still on the screen size of 3.5 inches. While as predicted before of the outside world, iPhone’s screen resolution of Fourth-generation reaches to an astonishing 940 × 640 pixels, and screen material used the same with the iPad IPS / FFS LCD screen, the effect of the display has more visual impact.

In addition, iPhone4 also adopted the same with the iPad A 4 processor with speeds up to 1G H z, it is faster and can more effectively support the new system iO S 4. Like the iPad, considering the old version of phone, the players play the game with an external power supply. Phone 4 has new batteries and power consumption with optimized system, so that it can support 7 hours 3G talk, 10 hours WIFI browsing, 10 hours of video playback, 40 hours of music playback, and up to 300 hours standby time in theory.

It should be noted is the iPhone 4 built-in 3-axis gyroscopes, which can work together with the accelerator and compass. You can achieve 6-axis sensor. This is undoubtedly dropped a heavy pound bombs in the handheld game console market where sense body games gradually become the mainstream.

The software game market has always followed the rules of the world-rich bidders. Earlier reports said a large number of Sony PSP and Nintendo N DS software developers have switched to Apple camp. A number of hardware upgrades of iPhone 4 will further strengthen their confidence of developers, which also makes the Sony and Nintendo have to accelerate the development of offer upon.

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