There’s Something About Apple – Solving the Problems of the iPhone4

There’s Something About Apple – Solving the Problems of the iPhone4

Striding ahead of the market, even creating a niche movement of die-hard fans is something Apple seem to specialise in (with even 2006 G4 Powerbook Laptops still retailing around £400, and used 2006+ MacBook laptops still pushing £650) The inception of the iPhone has served simply to bolster the global domination of Apple, which would be unnerving were it not for the fact that Apple, quite simply, has the goods to back it up!

The July 2010 release of the iPhone4 had even the most composed Apple fanatics scrabbling at the door, but Apple’s new baby hasn’t sailed through the release process without hiccups, the most notable of which was surely the issue of poor signal. Consumer complaints across the globe echoed the criticism that connecting your hand with the left/bottom of the antenna frequently causes the signal to drop from full to almost nothing (good luck lefties!) Another common grievance with the iPhone4 has to be an increase in fragility, with consumers solemnly telling of how their iPhone met a splintering end at the bottom of a drop from ear height onto the pavement. In both these cases the problem can be rectified without spitting feathers…an iPhone case.

The general feel in terms of the iPhone 4 and her flaws seems to be…put up and shut up. Yes, the price of an iPhone is high. Yes, Apple has a reputation of excellence in both design and usability to uphold. But if the only documented flaws of the brilliant iPhone 4 can be easily put right by the simple involvement of an iPhone case, then surely users can move on? Apparently so – an August 2010 survey stated that, of those in the market for a smartphone, 52% would be heading for Apple.

Indeed, the word insurance is an important player in the field of high-end mobile technology (around 1.3 million mobile phones are stolen annually) But who wants to deal with admin! Protecting an iPhone against accidental damage particularly with an iPhone cover can save A LOT of tedious paperwork and hassle.
A third potential glitch concerns memory cards. The iPhone boasts an internal memory of either 16GB or 32GB, but includes no slot for additional memory cards. The memory still dwarves the competition out there however, making it important for users to assess their memory needs upfront and avoid frustrations later.
Cosmetics matter to Apple fans. The simple chic of the naked iPhone4 doesn’t offend, and it’s versatility in terms of iPhone covers and accessories has to be one of the best features of every model iPhone.

Despite the news of these potential issues, sales of the new model were still astronomical, with old- iPhone fans and new followers alike unanimously pacifying fears. Good news for Apple – a 73% customer satisfaction rating has helped cement the iPhone4 as anything but a gimmick.

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Apple is always ready to test heavily marked-up case designs, and iPhone 4 Bumper () is its most minimalist case yet. Available in six colors — one per package — a Bumper is a thin glossy hard plastic band that wraps around the iPhone 4 stainless steel center frame, with matte rubber front and back bands that hold the iPhone 4 inside. There’s no protection for the front or rear glass of the iPhone, save for the extra millimeters of depth added to the device. To Apple’s credit, metallic button covers are built into the “case,” and rubber is used to line the headphone and Dock Connector ports — making them incompatible with some third-party connectors — but there’s no question that this case feels radically overpriced relative to any earlier Apple case offering. Bumpers are available for 29.00 Photos courtesy Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE TO ALL OF MY YT CHANNELS: FRIEND ME ON THESE SITES TOO: Thanks for watching!
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